I cross a bridge over the wide river. There are people standing on the dry river bed. I walk further and stare into the streaming water. I see layers of random noise, just like the ones when you turn on an old TV set. The currents seem to be having their own way, but the main current keeps pushing on. Clouds reflect in the water, creating another layer of noise, another motion.
Noise. If you close your eyes while listening to electronic noise music, you start to discern layers, frequencies.
‘Reverence’ was a work in progress which started as a series of snapshots, continued as a music video and a monologue performance; it finally found its last destination as an installation video piece with a voice-over, an intense introspective record.
2014 - 2015 – video, wall installation, monologue
Music and sounds by Lifecutter
This project was supported by
Showroom MAMA.

Unlocked Book 2015, Athens, Paris

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