Showreel 2018 / 2018-12-09

Be with Me / 2018-11-27


In the summer heat of my hometown, I wandered into the forest photographing relics of the old coal mines. During the long evenings, I flashed the concrete structures of disused buildings, sealed tunnels and shafts, the drainage of rainwater and the broken ground. One time I walked into a serene orchard, situated between the town and a very thick spruce forest. The apple trees there were overladen with the fruit and the wild deer seemed to own the place. On this spot, just above the town, there is a mass grave from the end of World War II. And somehow in the following days, a demon of some sort materialised…

Music by Lifecutter
Directed, filmed and edited by me

End of Summer / 2018-09-28

Dear Sir/Madam: HOPE SS19 / 2018-07-19

For the occasion of launching Bas’ new collection called Hope, we re-edited the original visuals into something very trippy. The visuals were shown at the runway, as well as used in a social media campaign.

Click here to see all the clips.

Journal in Slovenia / 2018-07-09

The first dummy edition of Journal was on sale at Dobra Vaga Gallery in Ljubljana. More than a month later, this exhibition of current zines and photo publications by Slovenian artists moved to Celje and was presented at Celje Fokus.

Many thanks to the curator Jasna Jernejšek for her dedicated work.

Photo by Asiana Jurca Avci