I cross a bridge over the wide river. There are people standing on the dry river bed. I walk further and stare into the streaming water. I see layers of random noise, just like the ones when you turn on an old TV set. Ken Perlin’s algorithm which was conceived in order to generate natural looking textures with computers.

The subcurrents seem to be having their own way, but the main current keeps pushing on. Clouds reflect in the water, creating another layer of noise, another motion.

Noise. If you close your eyes while listening to electronic noise music, you start to discern layers, frequencies.

‘Reverence’ is my current work in progress, an intense introspective record. I first presented the project as a wall installation with prints and video. It progressed towards a video projection with sound and a monologue piece.

2014 - 2015 – video, wall installation, monologue
Music and sounds by Lifecutter / Domen Učakar: Bandcamp, Facebook

Story #1
This is a short preview. Please, send a message to to see the whole clip.

Lifecutter – Oval Window (part of the installation)

‘Undertow’, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam (2014)


‘Where good things start’, Amsterdam (2015)

The Bookstore Project Space, Amsterdam
(performance evening, May 2015)

Also performed at

  • ‘Trash the house #2’, The Hague (2015)
  • ‘De derde dinsdag’, Rotterdam (2014)

Video also shown at

  • The Bookstore Project Space, Amsterdam (solo show, October – November 2015)