Made as a psycho-drama short with a soundscape, Rapture is an invitation to explore states of transcendence through sonic tension.
We are invited into a warm forest where nature is as beautiful as frightening. There is a table, richly laid with all sorts of fruit. Summer light is dripping through the green lush, transforming the fruit into a sensual still-life. An athletic man wearing a lucha libre mask sits down, picks up the knife and cuts the fruit. At a given moment, he plunges his fingers into the flesh.
He performs a ritual of cutting, feeling and destroying the fruit. There is nothing else but this testing of his tactile capabilities, which irreversibly make a sexual connection with the viewer, now becoming a voyeur in the process.
Duration: 6 min 3 sec
Film by Iztok Klančar

Music by Lifecutter
Starring: C Stein
Amsterdam, Hrastnik 2019
+31 6 1 35 36 30 1