Dear Sir/Madam: HOPE SS19 / 2018-07-19

For the occasion of launching Bas’ new collection called Hope, we re-edited the original visuals into something very trippy. The visuals were shown at the runway, as well as used in a social media campaign.

Click here to see all the clips.

Journal in Slovenia / 2018-07-09

The first dummy edition of Journal was on sale at Dobra Vaga Gallery in Ljubljana. More than a month later, this exhibition of current zines and photo publications by Slovenian artists moved to Celje and was presented at Celje Fokus.

Many thanks to the curator Jasna Jernejšek for her dedicated work.

Photo by Asiana Jurca Avci

Слишком экстремальный: Портфолио Истока Кланчара / 2018-07-01

Anton Shebetko of Bird in Flight online photography magazine wrote an interview about my work, creative process and schooling. Answering his questions was a good way to consolidate what I am doing and keep confidence to continue. I am also very happy to have been published in Russian language. Read the article here.

Journal on Pornceptual Blog / 2018-06-09

A large and very much uncensored chunk of Journal was published on the Pornceptual Blog. Yay! Thank you, Chris Phillips.

Bas Kosters @ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / 2018-04-16

Hurray to Bas Kosters for winning the fashion stipend of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds! This is a preview of his new project dedicated to Hope with my video running on the pristine pearly walls of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.