I will give you a metaphor. You are travelling by night train. You cannot sleep fast in the narrow bunk bed, so you keep waking up and look out the window once in a while. First, you see the frozen snowy fields somewhere beyond the Alps. And then, after a few hours, the train would stop in a serene concrete and steel environment. There, you wake up again.

Not in those fields, but in an enormous airport building, no soul alive on the platform.

This visual diary was triggered by waking into a changed world. It is about finding new structures, new rhythm, new logics to my life.
A life that seeks not to be conformed by our times, not wanting to buy an ideal lifestyle.

Making Afterlife was about discovering a world that is mine, a new, yet familiar place.

2013 – 2014 – publication / portable installation, wall installation with inkjet prints


Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-1 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-2 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-3 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-4 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-5 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-6 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-7 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-8 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-9 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-10 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-11 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-12 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-13 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-14 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-15 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-16 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-17 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-18 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-19 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-20 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-21 Iztokk-Afterlife-Publication-22

Publication dummy, 32 x 21 cm, 35 spreads


Publication used as a portable installation.

The Bookstore Project Space, Amsterdam, 2015

Also shown at

  • ‘Different Worlds’ – Young Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana (2015)
  • ‘Trash the house #2’, The Hague (2015)


33 x 195 cm, 6 inkjet prints
Solo show, Ten Haaf Projects, Amsterdam (2014)

‘Close’, Acte de présence & Het Nutshuis, The Hague (2014)