Dear Sir/Madam: HOPE SS19

Visuals and short clips for social media

Concept: Bas Kosters
Camera and editing: Iztok Klančar
Make up: Eva Copper
Photography and lighting: Marc Deurloo
Sound: Pavel Spasovski
Gif art: Studio Ultra Deluxe
Models: Iris van Wees, Inge Blum, Bas Kosters

In Vivo

Installation video

Concept: P L A T E AU R E S I D U E (Aljaž Celarc and Eva Pavlič Seifert)
Directed by: Aljaž Celarc
Camera: Iztok Klančar
Editing: Aljaž Celarc and Iztok Klančar
Music: Boštjan Uršič and Damjan Oven
Field sound recordings: Boštjan Uršič and Aljaž Celarc
Team of porters and field operators: Anže Resnik, Janža Dolinšek, Eva Ulčnik,
Jaka Magister, Andrej Mikelj, Boštjan Uršič, Damjan Oven and Aljaž Celarc
Additional support: Jošt Bukovec, Nina Mrdenović

Healing the Feeling

Fashion video experiment

Art Direction & Concept: Studio IKKAI
Camera and editing: Iztok Klančar
Sound: Michiel Klein
Styling: Mark Stadman
Model: Aljaž

Lifecutter – Safe Place (Hidden Crevice Version)

Music video

Lifecutter – Dark Marrow

Music video

This is a short preview. Please, send a message to to see the whole clip.

Lifecutter – Oval Window

Music video

Lifecutter – Traxya

Music video

Somer Meijer – I Just Want To Know You

Performance registration