Safe Place

When external forces act on us, we retreat.
We create a mental space.
There, we can play.

Safe Place is an atmospheric music piece set into a cinematic experience. It consists of a short film, a music video and visuals.

The work is composed of imaginary moving landscape paintings. The scenes aim to push the spectator into his or her own inner hidden places. Set out as an exploration into the lurking darkness of our times, the work conveys inner conflict states.

The protagonists of the film are thrown into a performance piece:

A man in the mountains singing along to his favourite songs, a woman dancing in the field, leading us to the main scene where a young man is destroying something only he sees.

The characters shift between romantic escapism towards the elimination of their accumulated aggression.

2016 – ongoing – video projection, concert visuals, monologue
Music and sounds by Lifecutter / Domen Učakar: Bandcamp, Facebook


Music Album

Short Film
Duration: 14 min 52 sec
Directed, filmed and edited by: Iztok Klančar
Music: Lifecutter
Starring: Aphra Tesla, Domen Učakar, Atanas Petrov, Aljaž Celarc
This is a trailer. Please, send a message to to see the whole film.



Safe Place – Hidden Crevice version


Exude Calmness

Dark Volcanic Island