Safe Place

When external forces act on us, we retreat.
We create a mental space.
There, we can play.

A man is in the mountains where he is singing along to his favourite songs. A woman is dancing in a field. She is playing with the rain and the wind in a private ritual. A young man goes to the woods to destroy something only he can see.

Safe Place is an atmospheric music piece set into an immersive visual experience. With the protagonists’ actions in nature and abstract elements, the video is a continuous flow of introspection.

The landscapes suggest emotional streams of our inner world. The people are showing themselves in their playful, yet emotionally charged state of mind. They interact with nature by means of private rituals to release their hidden selves.

Safe Place is an exploration into the lurking depths of our minds aiming to push the spectator into their own inner hidden places.

This project was supported by Mondriaan Fund.

2017 – video projection, concert visuals, monologue
Music and sounds by Lifecutter / Domen Učakar: Bandcamp, Facebook

Music Album

Duration: 13 min 15 sec
Directed, filmed and edited by: Iztok Klančar
Music: Lifecutter
Starring: Atanas Petrov, Aphra Tesla, Aljaž Celarc
This is a trailer. Please, send a message to to see the whole film.


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Safe Place – Hidden Crevice version


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