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Slovenia / 2015-12-21

I took this photo some years ago during a beautiful walk above the village where I grew up. Yesterday, another referendum on gay marriage was outvoted in my country. (Read the news on The Guardian here.)

When I left the place ten years ago, I did it reluctantly. Life was good in my country and the gay community rapidly gained freedom to be ourselves. The times seem darker now, with extreme right wing populism on the move, backed by Catholic Church.

Personally, I am not somebody who would marry his partner. I see this setback as a signal to the GLBT population to back off and disappear into oblivion, being told our sexuality is perverse and obscene.

As I am happy to have received the ’emerging artists’ grant from Mondriaan fund, I feel assurance that the stories I tell are necessary. Stories about revealing ourselves as vulnerable beings, understanding our sexuality as something that is above religion, above rules, something dangerously subversive. I will continue my work from a place where I am able to be myself. And I hope that I can keep showing this work in the Western Balkans as well.

Prize for Afterlife / 2015-12-01

I am happy to say that ‘Afterlife’ series has won itself the first prize in Ljubljana. The ‘Different worlds’ competition is a selection of new photography from artists coming from or working in ex-Yugoslavia. And if you happen to be in Ljubljana, visit the show in Kino Šiška and Photon. See the post below for more details.

A short item by TV Slovenia (in Slovenian): click here.

Group show: Different worlds – Young contemporary photography / 2015-11-23

Opening: Monday, 30 November at 7 pm

Running until 11 December 2015
Opening times:
Monday – Friday 12h – 18h
Weekends and holidays closed


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Music and sounds by Lifecutter / Domen Učakar:,

Bookstore solo: Afterlife & Reverence / 2015-09-29

Opening: Saturday, 17 October at 17:00
Running until 8 November
Opening times:
Wednesday 11:00 – 14:00,
Saturday 11:00 – 14:00,
Sunday 15:00 – 18:00

The Bookstore Project Space

Ernest Staesstraat 1
1061 BZ Amsterdam

I will be showing the Afterlife series and new video work from my Reverence stories.

I would be happy to see you at the opening. I will also be present during weekends so let me know if you’re coming.

Read the review, written by Zippora Elders (in Dutch).

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Music and sounds by Lifecutter / Domen Učakar:,