Слишком экстремальный: Портфолио Истока Кланчара / 2018-07-01

Anton Shebetko of Bird in Flight online photography magazine wrote an interview about my work, creative process and schooling. Answering his questions was a good way to consolidate what I am doing and keep confidence to continue. I am also very happy to have been published in Russian language. Read the article here.

Journal on Pornceptual Blog / 2018-06-09

A large and very much uncensored chunk of Journal was published on the Pornceptual Blog. Yay! Thank you, Chris Phillips.

Bas Kosters @ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / 2018-04-16

Hurray to Bas Kosters for winning the fashion stipend of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds! This is a preview of his new project dedicated to Hope with my video running on the pristine pearly walls of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Hope / 2017-12-25