My Men

Let me tell you about the first time I kissed a man.

We were sitting in his car which was parked on a muddy path in a forest above the city. I grabbed him as if I never wanted to let him go. Years of longing for that very warmth and physical presence diminished with every second as I was clinging to him.

Later in my life, I met Rado and Bas. This is a story about my life with them, a document of two relationships.

I probably felt that the three of us were about to take separate paths. These are the images I took in the last months of belonging to them.

2012 - video projection, publication, vase with lilies

4:3 video projection, 4′ 20″

This is a trailer. Please, send a message to to see the whole film.

Iztokk-MyMen-1 Iztokk-MyMen-2 Iztokk-MyMen-3 Iztokk-MyMen-4 Iztokk-MyMen-5 Iztokk-MyMen-6 Iztokk-MyMen-7 Iztokk-MyMen-8 Iztokk-MyMen-9 Iztokk-MyMen-10 Iztokk-MyMen-11 Iztokk-MyMen-12 Iztokk-MyMen-13 Iztokk-MyMen-14 Iztokk-MyMen-15 Iztokk-MyMen-16 Iztokk-MyMen-17 Iztokk-MyMen-18 Iztokk-MyMen-19 Iztokk-MyMen-20 Iztokk-MyMen-21 Iztokk-MyMen-22 Iztokk-MyMen-23 Iztokk-MyMen-24 Iztokk-MyMen-25 Iztokk-MyMen-26 Iztokk-MyMen-27 Iztokk-MyMen-28 Iztokk-MyMen-29 Iztokk-MyMen-30 Iztokk-MyMen-31